Dr. Peter Glidden

“I am an unruffled, proud and outspoken pioneer of wholistic naturopathic medicine.— Dr. Peter J. Glidden, BS, ND

1976 – 1977: Williams College, Williamstown MA
1980: Certified to teach Yoga by the state of California after completing a 6 month intensive Yoga Teacher Training course at Ananda Cooperative Community in Grass Valley, CA
1987: BS Pre Med – University of Massachusetts, Amherst MA
1991: Doctoral Degree in Naturopathic Medicine (ND) – Bastyr University, Seattle WA
1987 – Present: Member – American Association of Naturopathic Physicians
1992 – 2002: Member Massachusetts Society of Naturopathic Physicians
1992 – Present: Private practice of Naturopathic Medicine HAS BEEN LICENSED TO PRACTICE NATUROPATHIC MEDICINE SINCE 1992

– Over 150 lectures worldwide since 2009
– Author of “The MD Emperor Has No Clothes
– Radio host of “Fire Your MD Now!” and “The Dr. Glidden Show” 1-hour weekday program on GCNLive.com
– Regular guest on Radio show “Dead Doctor’s Don’t Lie” since 2010
– Regular guest on Radio show Infowars with Alex Jones.
– Regular guest on TV show The Leon Show with Leon Fontaine.
– Regular guest on Radio show Coast to Coast AM with George Noory.
– Television appearances on public TV promoting Naturopathic Medicine.
– Television infomercials for OlympusSat network.
– Interviewed as a leading expert in the 2016 documentary “The Big Secret“, is the latest work by five-time Emmy Award-winning producer Alex Voss

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“A second generation native of Nantucket Island, and the youngest of 6 children, I spent my childhood riding bikes, fishing, swimming, scuba diving, sailing and hunting in a Norman Rockwell-esque, small New England town. Dr. Peter Glidden My mother’s devout catholic faith had a strong influence on me and subsequently I became involved with the Catholic Church from a young age all the way through High School. The spiritual side of life was always in the foreground of my mind and for a number of years as a teenager I seriously considered becoming a Catholic priest.

Investigations into the spiritual dimensions of life led me to become a Transcendental Meditation practitioner at the ripe old age of 10, the same year that I taught myself how to do yoga. Graduating third in my High School Class I matriculated to Williams College in the fall of 1976 ostensibly as a Religion major. Disenchanted with academic life I dropped out of Williams after only three semesters.

For the next 6 years I pursued a wandering path of adventure and investigative spirituality which led me to Ananda Cooperative Community in Grass Valley CA, Sant Mat Spiritual Center in New Hampshire, and the Kripalu Center in Western MA. In my mid-twenties, my future started to call to me and the inner promptings of my life started to generate a pull towards securing a professional career.

Looking back, it is unclear to me why I chose the medical field as a profession. It was more of a “felt sense” than anything else – it just felt like the right thing to do, and it was definetly time to do something. My experience with yoga and meditation had by default put me in touch with the alternative health culture in the US, and I had found myself over the years in the company of many different people who referred to themselves as “healers.” Interestingly, 100% of them lacked any substantial grounding in the scientific method, and when push came to shove, they would all fall back on conventional medical methods. There were only two wholistic medical practitioners that I had any respect or admiration for whatsoever – an osteopathic doctor and a chiropractor.

So in 1984 I went back to school, securing a BS in pre-med biology from the University of Massachusetts in 1987 with the intention of becoming an osteopath. In my senior year at U-Mass I became very sick and experienced two things that completely changed my life:

1 – The complete and utter incompetence of conventional medical doctors to help me to even understand what was wrong with me, let alone fix it;

2 – A remarkable and instantaneous cure from a licensed Naturopathic physician. The juxtaposition of these two events completely altered my professional path, and solidified in me an unshakable resolve to abandon conventional medicine and become a naturopath.

Five months after I experienced the miracle cure from the naturopathic physician, I was enrolled at Bastyr University of Naturopathic Medicine in Seattle WA – where I enjoyed the daily experience that I was in the right place at the right time doing exactly the right thing. I had hit my stride. In 1991 the goal of becoming a naturopath was realized and my passion for the profession was so strong that I was selected by my classmates to give a speech at the graduation ceremonies. I officially became licensed to practice naturopathic medicine in January of 1992 and have been in the front lines of private practice ever since, often working for years at a time in unlicensed states with the intention of drumming up public support for naturopathic licensing efforts there.

The combination of inner prompted spiritual investigation and outer grounded wholistic medical training have given me a unique perspective on the workings of the human body-mind. My roots in New England Yankee pragmatic problem solving and the independent spirit which all Nantucketers enjoy by birthright have coalesced in me, ripened over time, and are in fact the true and authentic forces which drive me forward now in the last third of my life.

I am an outspoken, steadfast stand for the health of people worldwide. I am an unruffled, proud pioneer of wholistic naturopathic medicine, delivering the touch-stone message, so very necessary in this time of unparalleled human suffering, of health recovery through science based, clinically verifiedwholistic medicine to anyone with the ears to hear it. You can count on me for this – every time.”

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  1. First, THANK YOU for replay! You made my weekend for Mothers Day! With little persistence makes it work!!!! And you are the first one who cares! Actually I made mistake by writing that I’m taking Pig Pack, I’m taking Pig Pack Plus (M. Earth minerals, Tangy tangerine, Osteo-fix in liquid twice a day each bottle of 2 tablespoon) and EFA, Gluco-gel in capsules ( but I’ve bin taking only 2 capsules twice per day of each bottle). Also to that, I included ultimate enzymes 2 capsules twice before meals. I want to know if I suppose to switch to Killer Biotic better then enzymes. Also I’m not sure if I have RA. But one think I know ( wich I didn’t include in first post) that 3 months ago I had Flu and Measles vaccine dann and in 3 weeks time I began having Major pains at the end of joints, couldn’t even do small tasks( like open water bottle or toothpaste) for few weeks. I could just guess if I have RA as I can’t afford to go to doctor at this moment. My 2 questions are: 1. Is it ok to switch from Enzymes to Killer Biotic? 2. Do I have to deal all my life with ugly feet, wrists,fingers at the end of joints ( huge growth on top of bone) or eventually will go away with persistence of taking Dr. Joel Walach vitamins and living healthy life style. Thank you for your support and for all Us People who need your advise. God bless you and your family! 🙂

    • Hi Rasa,
      Thank you for your kind words, it’s my pleasure! I’ve just sent you an email regarding this.
      Blessings, Darren

  2. Hello, I’m not even sure if I’m gonna get replay from your website but I try ( I’m already tried so many websites with Dr. J. Walach products and it seems that no one replay). I’m 37 years old and I have raging pain on my wrist, big toe, hip( unrecognizable 2 fingers on my hands and wrists with looking like growth from bone/tendon) . Can’t put any heel shoe, even regular shoe it’s uncomfterble. Massive hair loss! I bin trying dr.j. Walach Pig Pack and it seems to relieve the pain by 80 procent, but tendons kept growing and it looks like my wrists, fingers and toe become unrecognizable . For a week I start to feel some pain back, hair loss when I was so happy for 7 weeks! I never in my life drink colas or ect., my food is home cooked, no oils I use in my dishes, basically I watch how I eat! Not bin to a doctors , trying to be aware of them because I almost always had bad taste/I need surgery , I need drugs (and I didn’t accept that) at that time I had fat insurance. But I need help so much, please replay to me. Can I still believe that my tendons will go back to its state were it was or,damage it’s dann for ever. Thank you 🙂 have blessed day!

    • Hi Rasa,
      Sorry to hear that it’s been difficult for you to get any answers to your questions. I’ve just sent you a detailed email on things that you can try. One of them is switching out the original “Pig Pak” formula from years ago and replacing it with some improved products for what you’re dealing with.
      Blessings, Darren

  3. Hello, I would like to know what is good for anxiety and OCD? My 12 year old son is really struggling with this. I have him on plant deprived minerals 1oz in the morning, 3 selenium a day, Ultimate EFA 3 a day, Beyond Osteo-fx 1oz taking it at night, Btt 1 scoop. He weighs 90lbs. Is there anything else he should take and is this the correct amount he should be taking. I also ordered D stress and Smart FX. Stopped eating the bad food list. I would really appreciate your help!

    • Hi Rebecca,
      That sounds like you’re doing everything pretty good! I’ll go over this again tomorrow and send you an email of anything else you may want to try or add. Take care, Darren

    • Hi Isaac,
      From what I understand, LPR is similar to GERD and Dr. Glidden has done a webinar on that. I just emailed it to you.
      Take care, Darren

  4. Can you tell me if there is a smaller version of the EFA plus? The pills are too big to swallow – thank you. Also, can you puncture the pills open and take as a liquid via teaspoon? Is there a liquid version?

    • I would recommend getting a push pin and poking a hole in it and squeezing it out on some food or however you want to take it. Youngevity will never sell oil in a bottle. Once oxygen hits the oil, it starts to break down and turn into free radicals and cause oxidative damage. That’s why any oil in a bottle in on the 10 bad foods list. Take care, Darren

  5. I would like to know which products I need to address my health issues, and the cost of them.

    Is there any way for me to get this information or is it a requirement to become a member, and seller of these products first?

    • Hi Becca,
      No, you absolutely do not need to become a member to get any information. Send an email to dmoi@youngevitybc.com and I’ll help answer any questions you may have. Or call toll free at 1-877-788-1511
      Thanks, Darren

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